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Sound Quality

I use mainly an old Ibanez 540S fitted with a DiMarzio Evolution in the bridge position and a Seymour Duncan 59 in the neck position. I also own an Ibanez RG 7 strings and a Strat with stock pickups. I play a lot of stuff, I could say that I'm a Rock guitarist mainly. This amp has plenty of versatility, it could handle quite every style. The clean channel can vary from dark and warm to sparkling, I think is the most appreciable channel on this amp. The crunch channel is something AC/DC fans could die for! Theres nothing more to say. The lead channel is the reason why I'm selling this amp. Its tone is raw and good to rock, but it's too harsh at high gain levels, and definitely it's not the kind of tone I'd like to play with. That's why I spared some money and moved to a TriAxis (which is definitely what I've always been searching for). Plus this amp is extremely loud, which is a plus when gigging but is a heavy minus when practicing at home.... You can't get a decent sound out of it at bedroom levels, which is normal, the problem is that this amp doesn't have a master volume, so you can't set preamp and power amp levels separately. I had a good time putting in series to the FX loop a Quadraverb used as an EQ, so I could use the channel volumes as preamp volumes and the output volume on the Quadraverb as a master volume, butstill I couldn't get the tone I wanted (now I can tell that I was looking for a Recto sound). I rated it 7 because it has a good sound though.


The amp itself seems as reliable as a tube amp can be. I've had it for 2 years and I only had a problem with a defective cap, but I can't blame Brunetti for a defective component and this problem has been solved immediately and under warranty, so no complaint here. The rate of 5 is due to the pedalboard. It fell on the floor from a heigth of 50cm 3 times, and everytime it had a footswitch broken. Plus another couple of times the switches have broken by themselves. This pedalboard is definitely something you can't rely on, I ended up using a MIDI bay to switch the channels (which was a need when I bought the Quadraverb) when it failed during a gig.....Try to imagine for a second that you're playing live and your amp's pedalboard get stuck on clean channel...It happened to me and I don't want it to happen gain! I would expect much more sturdiness from an item that will be kicked all the time!!

General Comments

I've been playing for more than 10 years (I'm only 26), and I've had a few gears. This is one of the best I've had, it just wasn't what I've been looking for. Actually my setup consists of a TriAxis, a Quadraverb and a Mesa 20/20 power amp. Basic but efficient!

If it were stolen I'd feel sad for the guy who bought it because he's very happy with it (I sold him the MIDI bay as well)!!

I think this amp can compare to other most famus/most valued/most expensive gears if you like its tone.


I would say, if you are looking for a Mesa Rectifier sound save some money and buy a Rectifier, if you are looking for a god rock tone consider buying this amp. It's cheaper but its quality is not lesser than he competitors

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