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Robert Keeley Electronics DS-1 Seeing Eye Mod

Sound Quality

MY AMPS: Torres Tiny Tone 1.5W tube head, Fender style Mesa/Boogie TriAxis->TC Electronics G Major->Mesa Boogie 20/20 Both of them are hooked up to a Mesa/Boogie 4x12 Recto trad slant. MY GUITARS: Ibanez S540 with DiMarzio Steve's Special in the bridge and Duncan '59 at the neck. Ibanez RG7420 with DiMarzio Blaze Bridge in the bridge and DiMarzio Air Norton 7 at the neck. Strat replica with DiMarzio Virtual Vintage installed in all the three positions. First of all I must say that this pedal works better with low or mid-low output pickups. With the Blaze and the Steve's Special the amount of distortion is considerably high even with the dist knob all the way left...You couldn't really play "Mustang Sally" :) Way better with the Strat, the distortion range goes from slightly saturated to a hi-gain lead sound. I don't like how the pedal cleans out rolling back the volume pot on the guitar, I feel like the tone loses some character, you'd probably better adjust the level of saturation just by tweaking the DIST knob. The tone knob has also a wide range, and therefore some tweaking is necessary here to get exactly the tone you want. You better resist to the temptation to crank this knob because once you get past around 2 o'clock the sound gets thin and inconsistent all of the sudden. The volume knob is very useful because it lets you decide how hard you want to hit your amp's tubes and consequently to adjust the amount of amp distortion you want to add to the overall sound. How does this pedal sound? Like a good old Marshall stack with more gain I would say, anything between The Commitments to Skid Row is available. It sounds better with bright sounding equipment. If you tweak it with patience you can dial in good lead sounds, but in my tastes this pedal does its best at mid-gain.My favorite setting is with tone set at 12 o' clock, dist at 11 o'clock and volume set at 12 o'clock... Nice bone-crushing crunch... Pearl Jam fans would love it! :) The pedal is dead quiet (=does not add noise) and I feel like it is acceptably transparent when the effect is off.


No idea, I've only had it a couple of weeks ago so I really have no clue, but is it a BOSS pedal mainly so I am confident in giving it a 10.

General Comments

If you're looking for THAT brit crunch we all know the quest is over... Buy this pedal and have fun!

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