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Sound Quality

...effectfive!! Mine is the "Fender" version (there's also a...guess what...Marshall version ^_^). I use it in my practice rig which consists of ZOOM 9030 -> Tiny Tone -> THD powerplate -> Marshall 8412 4x12 cab Yes,I'm using a power attenuator and a 4x12 cab!This tiny box is WAY louder than what the rated power would reasonably suggest!! As I was saying a few lines above this is the Fender version so there is no distortion to deal with except the natural power tube saturation, but I don't like that tone pretty much... Too muddy for my tastes..Anyway the clean tone is exactly what you would expect from a tube amp,warm and compressed.A really good starting point!! I use the amp with volume and tone at full throttle and the attenuator set at -12dB (oh yes!) and dial in EQ and output volume from the 9030. Because 9030's distortion sucks big time I found my own way using the 9030's crunch (not bad,just a little thin) and increasing the ouput level to obtain some power tube saturation...The blend of these two distortions plus EQ gives me a nice tone which is both tight and present,with good harmonics,very similar to a Boogie Recto lead! I must make a consideration here...In the past I have used an hybrid preamp (ADA MP1) with a solid state poweramp (Marshall VS8008) and the tone was definitely solid-statey.Now I'm doing the opposite (digital preamp and tube poweramp) and the tone is definitely tubey. Maybe we've been fooled in the past when we've been told about "tube tone"? The amp has a non-volume dependent background noise,maybe it wuold disappear if I modded the filament heater from AC to DC but I'm too lazy so I'll never know ;-)


Don't know,don't care as I'll never gig it.It's an extremely simple layout made with top quality components so reliability shouldn't be an issue,anyway I don't think I'd have problems to fix it.

General Comments

A really nice amp,clean tone is simply beautiful and it'll give nice tube tone even to the harshest digital FX.I'd like to try the Marshall version to hear what the distorsion sounds like but I'd bet it would be great as well.The simple circuit layout means no master volume and a simplified tone control,that may be a like or a dislike depending on yer taste.I love it because it's tube and quiet enough (but you'll have to use an attenuator for home use),it's small and simple.If it were stolen I think I'd sell the 9030 and buy a Behringer V-Amp.

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