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Sound Quality

I use this box in my practice rig which consists of ZOOM 9030 -> Torres Tiny Tube 1.5W amp -> THD Hotplate -> Marshall 8412 4x12 cab I use the amp (which is EXTREMELY loud compared to the power rating, that's why the attenuator) mainly as a poweramp, with the volume and tone knobs at full throttle and tweaking volume and EQ directly from the 9030. I find that Delay, Chorus, Reverb are still good quality compared to most recent equipment I've owned in the past (Alesis Quadraverb and Ibanez DE7 digital delay/echo pedal),usable and enjoyable. No idea of how the compressor works, my unit's comp is dead and ZOOM doesn't support this model anymore. The amp emulator is something that's not comparable to the latest technology marvels (Line6 just to mention one) and really doesn't make the job if you intend to plug it into a mixer/headphone, anyway I have found that dialing in a small amount of amp emulation to the sound sent to the amp gives a nice color to the overall tone... That's my taste of course! The distorsion sucks bad, but the crunch sounds good enough and I was able to obtain a good distortion by using the crunch of the 9030 with a high output volume in order to obtain also power stage saturation on the amp...The big fat sound of the pentode saturating blending with the flat trebly digital crunch gives a nice warm high gain Boogie style distortion... At a volume that's barely higher than the guitar's own sound!! Of course if I turn up the volume the magic screws up ending in a piercing and weak tone, anyway loud levels are not what I ask to this rig :D The other FX are not worth mentioning as they aren't more than something to have fun with when you got time to waste and nothing to do. The pitch shifter is too darn slow and has intonation flaws and the autowah sounds like shit. For what it is it would deserve a 5 (most of the FX are unusable) but considering the age of the project and that it does the job for what my needs are I give it a 6


Mine is broken, the compressor doesn't work. Considering that we're talking about a hi-end (for the time) digital multiFX i would expect more. And this unit has never been gigged (and never will). There are tube amps (which are usually unreliable compared to digital equipment) out there which are as old as my father and still kicking and they never needed repair (except tube replacing)!!

General Comments

For the time this unit was first released it was probably a good multiFX unit (forget about distortion), actually is outdated and there's lots of stuff out there that sounds way better at 1/5th the price this unit was originally sold. Anyway if you buy one used you will get good FX at a reasonable price, but you'll have to go thru programming, and lots of guitarists just don't like it.


As per me programming it's not a problem (I am experienced in digital FX tweaking) and the unit did the job I wanted it to do at a good price so I'll give it a 6.


I've been playing guitar (and playing with guitar stuff) for almost 13 years now, I play blues, hard rock, prog rock and metal. My guitars are Ibanez (S and RG series) all fitted with DiMarzios Air Norton in the neck position and Steve Special in the bridge.

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