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Sound Quality

I don't think this may apply here, anyway it sounds comfortably solid when I kick it :D


I have owned it for 4 months and gigged it just 3 or 4 times so I really have no clue, anyway it looks pretty solid and I'd bet it'll last a lifetime.

General Comments

For my needs it is perfect! I just wish it had an alphanumeric display to see the name of the preset you're actually running. Other than this it has more than what I need feature-wise. If it were somehow lost I'd buy another one in a heartbeat. It takes you a little to understand how it works (anyway it is not a digital multiFX unit, it's not that difficult) but once you're ready it gives you total control over your equipment, no matter what your rig is. I love the embedded power supply! No more AC adapters cables getting disconnected or broken and it is darn easy to build a custom AC cable to the length you wish!!

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