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Sound Quality

My setup consists of: Ibanez RG7420 loaded with DiMarzio Blaze Bridge @ bridge and DiMarzio Air Norton 7 @ neck Mesa/Boogie TriAxis TC Eletronics G-Major Mesa/Boogie 20-20 I use to play in a cover band so the styles I play vary from "The Commitments" to "Dream Theater" and everything in between. I used to think this cab sounded pretty good unless I plugged into a 8412 (4x12) Marshall cab. Then I noticed how bad the 1922 is. The sound is muddy and kinda spongy with tons of bass and piercing highs with unfocused mids, really crappy for distorted sounds. It is almost impossible dialing in a *distorted* sound that can cut thru the mix, and also sound techs when I played live gave me a hard time because they had to roll off the basses from the mixer making the whole sound thin and piercing, so they had to cut off the highs, and then my guitar began almost unhearable from the PA. I think this cab may be good for jazz players searching for a warm clean tone, or for some blues players who just crank their tube amp to get saturated, but for hi gain rock sounds it plain sucks.


A box of (hopefully) wood, a bunch of wires and two loudspeakers. Unless you drop it or drive it with too much power I think it is almost undestructable.

General Comments

It is a small, lightweight cab, sturdy, easy to carry around and with a good overall volume. For what the features vs price are I would suggest to try one and, if you like it, buy it.


As per me it sucked, so I traded it for a Marshall 8412 cab.

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