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This is for Jerry Desmond...


Hello Jerry,


I am one of the two twerps (don't know the meaning of this word,

maybe you can explain it to me) who can't play guitar...... Too bad I can play all Petrucci licks.....


You said this amp is reliable. I haven't said that it's not, just that I had to spray some contact cleaner in the pots around 10 times in 3 years.

Considering that my TriAxis is 11 years old and I just had to replace tubes twice it looks a little bit too much to me.


You said that probably I am a snob and I'm trashing this amp just because it doesn't cost as much as mine.... Jeez, have you ever played thru a TriAxis? You really can't tell me that they sound the same (or even that the 8100 sounds better!) unless you are deaf!

Yes, the price is different, anyway I rated it at 6, which means that it's sufficient.... My rates are absolute values, not related to prices, and it is largely depending on the clean channel, if you say that I'm a snob and that this amp sounds like a tube amp you should really try a tube amp for the first time in your life!


You talked about economies of scale... Does that mean that Ford makes better (or just the same) cars than Rolls-Royce just because it is cheaper for them to build one??


Jerry, I hope you won't get me wrong, I have nothing against you, I also believe (and wrote it) that for the price this amp is a honest performer. But because I DO own (and if you don't believe it I'll be glad to send you pictures of my rig) High-end gears I immediately heard the difference. I have owned and still own cheap crap as well, and this head is obviously better. It just depends on what sort of compromise you want to make.

Because playing guitar is my biggest passion (even if you think that I am no good in this) I won't accept compromises and will be always searching for the best. This means that I'll have to spend lots of money of course, but I'm not jealous of anybody because I've tried almost everything and bought only what worked FOR ME.....I could have bought one 8100 but refused, because I believe that it's just a step ahead of a cheap toy and if you have money to spend (or if you can spare some) you can buy something better. I could have bought a Triple Rectifier as well, or a Mesa/Boogie 2:90 poweramp, but refused because they were too loud. This just means that I don't consider guitar gears only by their prices but really hear them before I buy them.


As per the other reviewer, if you carefully read his review you'll find out that he bought one (new) amp, it had two failures under warranty (=less than one year) and had a bad time to have them

fixed. Considering that we all spend our hard-earned money in our gears this is enough for me to be heavily bothered.


Anyway, if you are happy with your 8100 I'm happy for you, but please keep in mind that music depends on tastes, and someone may have different tastes than yours. This doesn't mean that you are better than us, just that we are different.

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