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Sound Quality

This pedal sounds great. I was really surprised at the quality of the effects for the price of the unit. I'm playing either a Fender Standard Jazz Bass (fretless) or an Epiphone Accu-Bass through a Peavey TNT 130 combo amp, or a 500 watt powered mixing board. The TNT isn't the best amp to begin with, but I made a clean patch using EQ and Shape and got a GREAT tone that sounds like a more expensive rig. When going through the board, I had a so-so tone running either bass directly to the board through a DI, but with the amp simulator and any effects I want, I can just run the bass through the BFX, the DI, and to the board, without having to lug my amp to get a good sound. The effects are good overall, some I think are unecessary. All of the Comp/Dist modules are good for everday use, and so is the reverb, but you may have trouble finding a practical use for some of the Modulation effects. The first thing I did was patch over the first bank of user effecs (A1-A5) and set up my own. A1 I set as a good clean tone with the pedal to downtune half a step. (If you've ever had that ONE song in your set list that requires de-tuning, then this pedal is a Godsend.) A2 is a pedal wah, A3 is a flanger, A4 is a nice dirty overdrive, and A5 gives me a cool upright tone. Playing live, I just switch between those five, and some of the other presets for special songs.


I've never used it with batteries, and the plastic feels like it could hold up for a while, but I wouldn't jump on it very hard. The two pedals are a little small, so if you're not careful, you might move up one patch when you want to go down. With a power adapter nothing has gone wrong so far, and I have gigged with it with great success, so I'd say it's pretty reliable. I wouldn't drop it too many times though. In another review someone said it should be made of metal, and I for one would pay more money to have it made of metal.

General Comments

I play just about everything, and this pedal really helps. There's a large diversity of effects that will help with pretty much any style. One of the things that I really like is that all you need is the unit and headphones to practice. I'm going away to college this fall, and there just won't be room in my dorm room for my amp, and the fact that I will be able to practice and HEAR myself (without annoying my roommate, no less) is cool.

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