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Sound Quality

The sounds is pretty good, once you get what you want. I was a little confused when I bought it, because I didn't exactly know what it did, but it was cheap and I had the receipt in case I wanted to return it. It does really give a low end boost with a good amount of distortion, but I've never liked distortion on bass anyway. You can cut out the distortion, and just give your low frequencies a punch, which is pretty cool. I usually just put it on when I want to be especially heard, like for a solo or a bass lead song. It sounds great on Fire by Hendrix. I'm using a fretless Fender Jazz through a Peavy TNT 130, and the noise is pretty unnoticeable, but there is a little thump when you switch (which you can't hear when everyone else in the band is playing).


I love stomp boxes, (multis usually feel so.. dinky) and this is a sturdy box. It's made of solid metal, with a plastic switch which can take a surprising amount of abuse. It's my first DOD and it's holding up well.

General Comments

I play a lot of rock, metal and blues, and this pedal goes well with a couple of the songs I play. I think I would only buy it again if I could get it for the same price or less, I wouldn't pay any more than I did. (I got it for 30 bucks which is pretty good for a new stomp box, I guess they were having a big close out on DODs.) It's a good effect, but somewhat limited.

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