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Sound Quality

Sound is HUGE! I play classic rock to metal and that is just what this puppy was built for. At the moment I have the EMG 81 wired straight to the jack. No volume, no tone pot, no switch and no single coil. It has 1 setting, BALLS OUT! I'm running this thru a rackmount Recto and a couple of pedals (Boss chorus, delay, and a Morley Bad Horsie) and it sounds mean. Kinda VH meets Zakk Wyld tone. With the pickup straight wired there is no variety but thats my doing not the guitar. I just wanted to slap it back togeter and try it out before I sold it (again). Then the strangest thing, I fell in love and kept it.


I have played it out. No problems The hardware is fine. I will put a real Floyd on it soon. The finish, ugly as it is will last. I heard Charvel stopped doing the Lavacrackle long ago because it was too expensive (and ugly?). After trying to sand it off the neck, I am sure this is true. It's as dependable as any guitar with a floating Floyd can be. Gig without a backup? Not even with a gun to my head. Using 5 different tunings I take 4 or 5 guitars at least.

General Comments

I've been playing 20+ years. I own or have owned almost every major brand of guitars and amps. As of now I use a Mesa Ractofier into 2 Marshall 1960 cabs. A Morley wah. Boss tuner, chorus and delay. By itself,a Boss loop station into a Randall RG80 head into a Marshall 1960b. As for guitars Gibson Les Pauls and V's, US Strats ans Teles,Ernie Ball Axis, Peavey Wolfgang standard, Hamer Blitz, PRS custom 24, Heritage 150, Kramer Nightswan and American series pacers, I have too many others to count, but the Charvel will stand up to any of them. I like it so much I just bought a pre Fender Soloist. After taking the finish off the back of the neck I really love it. Wish the old ones came with real Floyds but Kramer had the exclusively. If it was Lost or stolen I would get another one. I give it an 8 only because I don't like the J-6 trem. They work fine I just hate the local of the fine tunes.

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