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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Sounds Great! So good in fact I bought 2 of em and daisy chained them together For the most over the top sound!.. OK let me start by saying I use this in a TUBE AMP.. I cant say how it'll sound thru solid state amps..I dont use em. I've played gobs of equipment thru the years since 1975 and Mesa equipment exclusivly since 97' .If you know boogie you know the distortion is very Ballsy and dark..Just like I like it. Any way back to the Bad Monkey. I needed something for one of my backup amps which is a 69' Fender Bassman that I've got loaded with Ruby Tube 6l6's and Groove Tube 12ax7's. I have been laboring trying to find a pedal that gives me a sound close to what I'm getting out of my Boogie rigs and the Bad Monkey IS IT! Now it's a OVERDRIVE and wont do Metal...Alone.. but wait! Their so cheap take 2 of em and daisy chaing them and you'll find yourself selling off the rest of your pedals on ebay or a least scalling down your pedal board. 2 pedals together will push it into the metal zone, Not thrash Rectum Frier but close. I tried numerous pedals..TS's MXR's .Voodoo Labs Sparkle ect. ect and I did find some very good sounds but the the Bad Monkey sounded so close to these for a fraction of the cost that it was a no brainer..I'm thinking of promoting my Bassman with the bad monkeys to 1rst stringer for a while.. I play in a Rock/Classic and Original Rock band and will use this setup at my next gig. This pedal is quiet even when I run the gain W F O. It makes harmonics jump of my fret boards and sustains for days.. a la Gary Moore, Vivian Cambell, .. I mostly use my Gibson SG loaded with Seymoore Duncans, JB Bridge,, Pearly Gates in the neck and Also a Carvin DC 127 with stock Hum's and coil taps.. 2 Totally different guitars made out of different woods and they both sing with the Bad Monkeys.. Setup is Guitar..into Bad Monkey .. into Bad Monkey ..into Carvin Digital Delay into Fender Bassman.. That's it.. It produces the meanest wall of sound I've ever heard out of a Fender Bassman.. So close in sound to my Boogies it's scary.. Now alone the pedal is still a great sounding pedal. But classic rock is the most you'll get out of it alone. Nothing wrong with that if thats the genre your after like me..


Well I've had em for about 4 months and I dropped one that hit right on the "Low" knob and bounced a couple of times.. Still working just fine..Athough I dont recommend dropping them.. (watch your alcohol consumtion before handling any equipment). Although It survived (and works fine) I find the "Low" knob does'nt "Feel" the same.

General Comments

I play Rock, Blues, Country, Funk , Punk, It just dont matter..Whatever band I find myself in at the Time..


Playing too long. And own to much crap to list since 1975.


If lost or stolen would buy again as long as Digitech doesnt get hip and start charging double what there getting now..


Look I'm only speaking for myself and I aint telling no one what to buy. Sound is subjective. What sounds good to me may suck to you..what sounds good to you may suck to me.. But I've found that with a good clean tube amp this pedal just shines..And that aint no Monkey Buisness. :-)

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