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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Can only review about high gain setting cause I play Hardcore Metal - I replaced the stock tubes (sovtek I guess) with RFTs and the characteristics of distortion changed dramaticly - ergo the Distortion IS generated by the tubes - solid state is all the rest (preset memory, eq, aso.) but the sound generating is definitely by TUBE!!! Would give a 10 if these RFTs were Stock. I use it with the el34 100/100. Distortion is brutal but still very transparent and thrucutting at live Situations; Id say typically Marshall Sound but more "balls". Gain is way enough after the tube changing (have OD2 with Gain at 17 and its Shredders Paradise). Tone is amazing - this amp SINGS and does not whisper like a Recto eg. I like the fat "whump, whump" when playing palmmutes. Its the best Amp for "in your face" Rhytm Guitar that I know. Its not noisy if u keep it away from the power amp. Many People dont know that the inductioning of the Power transformers cause the noise. I have a separate rack for the Power amp and thers no noise problem.


I was puzzled when I changed the tubes and found myself looking into a pre amp that looks like a Personal Computer from the inside. The tubes visually disappear in there as they are surrounded by loads of microprocessors and other digitally stuff. I think that makes some people think that these 2 litle valves in there are good for nothing. But Hell they are!!! Heavy Metal shell to protect this hypertrophic pocket calculator. I have it for 2 Months now, did about 20 rehearsals, 3 Gigs and its still alive. Dont know whats gonna happen if it drops from the truck...

General Comments

Ive been playing for 7 Years now - tried out many from Mesa, Hughes and Kettner, Brunetti, Framus, Engl, ADA etc. and I couldnt find my sound until I heard the jmp1 with el34 100/100 at a Liveshow and I knew, this is MY sound.


I cant say that this amp is the best in the World as of course I didnt play every amp (eg. Diezel, Bogner, VHT,...) - its just way good enough for me as Im not a Guitar God anyway.


PS: Use all these reviews here to get inspirated to try out new gear and dont take all them too serious and let them decide what you buy, cause its up to everones personal taste and needs - nothing else.


For me this Amp deserves a 10 - for u maybe only a 1, so Id recommend everyone to test equipment really well before buying. I spent so much money in the past for gear I didnt like after the first Shows cause I trusted only other guys (mostly the dealers) - expensive mistakes!


Vienna Style Hardcore lives !!!

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