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Fred TBP

Fender Deluxe Power Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Truth is the Fishman piezos senses string vibrations rather than magnetic inductance so the use of nickel/steel strings doesn't produce an authentic acoustic sound. That being said, the piezos add clarity and a little edge which blend in well with the pickups, especially the rhythm/middle p/ubs with tone nearly to 0. I use a pick and my ring/middle finger to play (similar to flamenco/classical) and it gives me a bright sound that plays well through a chorus. So I'd say this works for pre-metal rock, most country, alternative and electric-folk which is what I mostly do. Ideally I would've like to separate the piezo output from the passive p/ups but that would require customizing and perhaps a 2nd jack, but this would've jacked up the manufacturing costs on this. It's not a bad compromise and it keeps things simple as far as plugging into amps and effects. As for the Tex-Mex pckups: the single coils are OK, but the HB is lame, just lame. I'm considering replacing that with a Rio Grande or a Duncan if I can work out the best tone balance in that position. Another alternative is to get it rewound, but I'm in no hurry at the moment as the effects compensate for what the HB lacks in tone.


I'm not a big fan of taking vintage gear on the road. Too valuable, and too easy to dent or damage. For this reason I prefer less expensive alternatives like this guitar, and it's a very playable instrument. Not only would I depend on it, I would get a hardshell case (didn't get one at the price I paid but the gigbag is good) to preserve it as long as possible. True Fender woods and quality shows on this, not that I would compare it against a vintage tele/strat or the higher priced custom models. Can't wait to use it when my recording session kicks in.

General Comments

About 35 years on guitar, 37 years on bass, mostly pre-90s rock, blues, jazz and folk styles. Not enough room to list my equipment and effects, but I go through pedalboard redesigns every year.


Since I've chosen Fenders over the years (this is probably my 12th strat or so) this was to see if a Fishman-equipped strat could eliminate carrying a separate acoustic onstage. Well, yes and no.

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