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Eric Hancock

BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

I am very disappointed in this pedal. After reading glowing reviews here and generally hearing favorable comments about this boost pedal, I thought I'd FINALLY find a pedal that simply increases the volume, nothing more nothing less. Well, it does that on the clean channel, so for that channel, it gets a 10. However, on the gain channel, even with the gain only at 9 to 10:00 or so, it really adds very little if any volume. What it does add is GAIN, and plenty of it. This was not what I was looking for, but that's all this pedal really does. So on the amp's gain channel, it gets a big fat ZERO. I'm surprised to see so many comments below that it's great for soloing on the gain channel. All it really does is send your guitar into higher gain territory with lots of (undesirable) feedback. VERY disappointed! Thankfully I got it from Musicians Friend, so I'll get my eighty bucks back.


Seems very solid; 5 year warranty.

General Comments

Well, it didn't do what it says it'll do (or only halfway does, ie on the clean channel) so I can't give it a very good rating here. It states it provides up to 20db of CLEAN boost; not to my ears it doesn't. :(


Does anyone know of a pedal that is simply nothing more than bumping up the volume of the lead channel so that your solos will jump out more? I haven't been able to find anything, and I usually like to keep my guitar volume max'd or nearly max'd so that's not an option.

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