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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

If you know how to use it, then you can get a pretty good sound. My current sound fits perfectly to play Metallica, from Kill em' all to Death Magnetic. It also sounds pretty good for playing Megadeth. By adding a bit more distortion for the two last albums, I can get the same crunchy palm mute sound of their two last albums. Awesome! However, I agree the pedal tend to make some noisy high notes. I had to fix that with the settings on my amp. Maybe an equalizer may be useful depending on your gear, but my amp alone was enough. But as I said, "If you know how to use it". Don't listen to people that says it sounds terrible. They probably justt don't know what they were doing or own better and more expensive stuff. I got a really good sound from it. Note that it may sound different depending on your guitar and your amp. It first I was using it with a $400 guitar with passive pickups, it sounded pretty good. Now I own a guitar with active EMG-81 and EMG-85 pickups, it just sounds awesome!


All Boss pedals are made with a really hard metal case that will protect everything. Good! It once fell in the stairs and I worried a lot more about the floor than the pedal... It worked fine after that. I own the pedal for about 5 or years now, it still works. So, why do I give only a 7? It's all about the Bypass switch... When you press on the pedal with your foot to enable/disable the effect, it actually press on a plastic switch inside the unit. The problem, this switch is held in place by two tiny plastic pins. These pins both broke on mine, and seeing them loose inside the unit, I wasn't impressed they broke. So the switch was moving inside the unit each time I was pressing the footswitch, making it hard to enable/disable the pedal (I needed to hit hit strongly and quickly so it press the switch before it move down)... I actually fixed it by opening the pedal and putting some tape around the switch so it can fit tightly in the hole. I wish I didn't have to do that. I can't believe they used such tiny pins to hold it in place...

General Comments

Overall, I think it's a pretty good pedal if you take the time to truly take advantage from it. For it's price, I don't think you'll find any better. If you have lot of money to spend, then maybe something else will be better, but for now, until I'll become a professional well known guitar player (which may never happen, but I still believe, hahah!), it will still continue to play with it. But of course, the best is to try it by yourself. Go to a music store and try it. But it'll sound better when you'll get a proper sound after learning how to take advantage of it.

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