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Sound Quality

I will start off by saying I have had quite a lot of wah pedals over the years, including the Ibanez WH10 and WH10V2. I have found that usually with wah pedals you need some sort of compromise; whether that is going for a wah with a decent enclosure but a more aggressive/harsh peak; or a wah with a very nice tonal quality but has a poor enclosure; or has a poor bypass; or has the footswitch next to it rather than being cicked on when you press the wah forwards, etc, etc. This pedal seems to hit the nail on the head, providing all the features you really want in a great wah pedal.

I did have some idea what the Funk Factory would sound like having owned a couple of the Ibanez WH10 models. First of all let me mention that this is true bypass, so there is none of the tone suck that you receive with the Ibanez models. When I finally got round to switching the pedal on I was instantly impressed with the sound coming out, very similar to the WH10 but with it's own little taste thrown in. After setting the depth knob and volume knobs respectively, I got to the Q switch.

You can have a lot of fun switching between settings for a wider or shorter sweep. This is very handy if you are a song writer or if you are gigging, because it allows you to get a different 'feel' from the wah. This is probably the best feature of this wah, and when used in conjunction with the depth knob you get a very satisfying range of sounds.

The Funk Factory works very well with both clean channels, and dirt. The volume knob is very handy for use with a clean channel, because you can lower the volume so you don't get a volume boost when turning the wah on, which is a biggy for me. Alternatively this can be set to allow a larger volume boost for those that want to click the wah on for a nice ballsy solo. This pedal really shines with dirt. With a nice punchy overdrive you can get a really rich wah tone perfect for soloing and jamming out that funky goodness.

With fuzz and high gain this pedal is something else! I have never had so much fun playing around with a wah and lots of gain. This is sealed the deal for me. I am sure my band mates will get fed up with my new found love for fuzzy wah distorted solos. In fact, this is where the guitar and bass switch is very handy. You can get a deeper frequency sweep that is great for fuzz.


Everything by Wilson Effects is handmade to the highest standard. If you have any problems you can talk to Kevin Wilson directly.

General Comments

Well well well... In conclusion I am very satisfied with the build, features, and quality of sound this pedal provides. Quite a versatile wah pedal to say the least. Don't let the name fool you, it sounds just as great with dirt and high gain, as it does with clean channels. I think any fans of the WH10 will be drawn to this pedal, and anyone looking for a swiss-army knife wah; something for all occasions. This pedal is most certainly durable enough for gigging. This will now be a perminant resident on my pedal board.


Kevin Wilson is very friendly and has a range of wahs, so if you aren't exactly sure what you are after, or just want a point in the right direction shoot him an e-mail and I'm sure he'll be happy to help.


My rig for reference is:


Gibson SG standard 2010, Fender '89 MIJ Strat, Jaguar copy, 2 Ibanez S series guitars.

Laney IRT60H

Planet Waves strobe tuner, Wilson Effects Funk Factory Wah, Boss CS-2, OLC Orange Peel, Wilson Effects Uber Fubar Bliss, Fulltone Octafuzz, Xotic Effects EP Booster, Wilson effects Deluxe Haze, Boss CE-2, Danelectro Phaser, Line 6 DL-4, and a boss DD-6.

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