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Elessar [Sly]

Wilson Effects Wilson Effects Deluxe Haze

Sound Quality

Now this pedal is a Uni-Vibe type clone, but it holds out against peers due to the fact it has the ability to switch between vibe and chorus via a second footswitch. Being that it has both chorus and vibe modes I will talk about them both:

Chorus mode: The sound I hear when I first turn the Haze on is a chorus sound reminiscent of the Boss CE-2. A very classic, rich chorus like sound. In fact, the rate and depth knobs react very much as a CE-2 does. Very subtle at lower settings, fuller and richer when cranked. The level knob controls the volume of the effect in the mix. If you are into your chorus pedals then the Haze might be something you wish to add to your collection since you have the additional option of switching to the Vibe effect. The chorus mode prevails best in clean modes, giving you a nice touch to your bypassed sound at lower settings, and giving you a more experimental/alternative sound with the settings cranked. The chorus mode also works well give dirt, and won't overly colour your tone unless you intend to dial it in that way. Overall this is one of the best chorus sounds I have used, and any CE-2 fans with get on really well in this mode.


The vibe mode is probably what a lot of people would buy this pedal for. As with the chorus mode, you can dial in the effect with the rate and depth knobs adding a subtle or more pronounced sound. It lives up to the uni-vibe sound and produces that very distinct sound that you expect to hear from this kind of pedal. Again the level dials the overall effect into the mix. The Vibe is still very present with dirt, and you can get some very cool sounds when blending it with other modulations and effects.


The pedal is very well made to top spec. Mr. Kevin Wilson hand builds these pedals themselves and it feels as sturdy (and sturdier in some cases) as other pedals I own. I'm sure if you have any problems you can contact Kevin and resolve the issue without any difficulty.

General Comments

For those of you looking for an affordable uni-vibe type sound the Haze series is certainly a great place to look. If you are after a very simple uni-vibe pedal then I would suggest the Haze. If you are like the idea of being able to change between chorus and vibe without dropping to your knees then the Deluxe is the way to go. Especially for quick in song changes, great for live and studio purposes. For those looking for something more experimental go for the Uber Haze! This has the most options, and the added phaser in there is a bonus. This pedal would suit anyone looking for more options on a vibe type circuit


As I mentioned the Deluxe Haze will allow you to switch between vibe and chorus at the click of a switch, and is great for covering both the chorus and vibe sounds, thus saving space on your pedal board. Decent construction, cool aesthetics, great sound.


Overall this is quite a versatile pedal for the money. I will add that I put how much the pedal is on the website, but Mr. Wilson is very kind and offers repeat customers and members of certain forums a discount. These pedals are hand built to top quality standard, and sound fantastic.

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