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Elessar [Sly]

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Great overdrive sound. Subtle to thicker soloing overdrive. Cleans up really well. Sounds like a tubescreamer with more control over the highs and lows. Great sound for the cheap price. Like a lot of digitech pedals of this range there is a bit of tone suck (which wouldn't be noticable at gig levels).

The Direct injections output isn't that great (but it never is that great on pedals).

This pedal IS ANALOG.


Very sturday, no loose knobs either.

General Comments

Great sounding cheap overdrive pedal.  If the buffer was decent (or if it was true bypass) this pedal would be a 9. But the buffer isn't that great. However, the quality of the overdrive alone is top notch. You can't complain for the price. If you are recording and wanting a well priced, nice sounding overdrive this pedal is perfect.

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