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Elessar [Sly]

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Great sounding overdrive. Surprised me since other Digitech pedals  I've had have been less than decent. Great little overdrive, quite versatile going from clean boost, to crunchy grit, to soloing overdrive, and finally lead booster. Quiet, although at louder volumes you can here some noise when engaged but thats because it's a dirt pedal and they all do that.

I have owned the Hardwire CM-2 which is very similar. The difference is that the CM-2 sounds more like an amp sim/amps overdrive. Whereas the Bad Monkey sounds like a decent pedal overdrive and has more Low and Hi frequencies than the CM-2 which is very handy indeed.


No faults here this is well made and the knobs are decent. 

General Comments

Great sounding overdrive. Sounds like a tubescreamer but you can actually dial in low frequencies. Recommend this to pros and beginners a like. At the price it is a steal, I have had many more expensive overdrives and this is better than a lot of them. This pedal wont achieve hi gain metal or heavy rock distortion on its own, to do this you must have it infront of either amp distortion or another distortion pedal. If you do this you are more likely to achieve the sound you want, but I suggest you try and get a decent distortion pedal or valve amp.


If you are after a rich sounding amp like overdrive I suggest you go with the Hardwire CM-2. If you want a general tube screamer like overdrive with more control over the Lows and Hi's go for the Bad Monkey. 

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