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Roger Hill

epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

I use it with a variety of guitars, both humbucker and single coil. It sounds pretty good with either. I understand that Mercury Magnetics has a transformer upgrade and I am sure new tubes would make a difference, too. For now I am leaving it stock because it is just fine as is. I play it thru a ported 1-12 Sovtek cab and I am planning on trying it thru a 2x10 Ampeg bass cab. I have recorded with it but not played live with as of yet. I bought it mostly for practice and recording, and the 7 rating is for the stock, out of the box amp. I would imagine that with better tubes it might be an 8 or 9. All tube amps are a little noisy but this one is no worse than any of the others I own.


As simple as the design is, it should be reliable. I never gig without a backup. Period. You never know when something is going to happen.

General Comments

I have been playing for 15+ years. This amp is what it is, simple and affordable. I would for sure replace it if I had to. One of the best music values I have ever had.

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