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Sound Quality

I modded this myself with help from info from the net, of course. I liked it okay, before the mod, it was close to what I wanted to hear, but after, sheesh! this is it. I play either a Gibson ES-135 or Parker P-38, depending on the tune, (mostly jazz, funk, fusion stuff) into a Trace-Elliot C-50 Speed twin, with a few pedals in between and a rack effect unit in the amp effect loop. this modded tubescreamer on low distortion settings gives a great vocal quality and is very expressive, with the amp's clean channel. But the gain side really is where it's at, both guitar's tone quality is very evident (single note and chord) much better than befiore the mod. Works like a nice little pre-amp now, more so than before the mod.


I just got another off e-bay for $30 that I intend to mod and have as back-up due to the plastic construction, albeit pretty heavy-duty, and the switch on the board under the pedal concerns me abit...I've had no troubles with it so far.

General Comments

I like the mod version a whole lot,( 2 resisistors on the output, and a capacitor on the tone, got lucky and had the good chip in it already) Very glad to have assulted it with a hot poker for twenty minutes and still have a working pedal when finished. I'd give the TS-5 a 6 maybe 7 overall, but modded will earn it a 9. Next thing, i'll be modding a TS-9 to 808 specs so as to have the thing in a nice sturdy metal case... but for 25-30 bucks used and $2.50 in radio shack parts..what the heck...can't beat the cost.

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