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Sound Quality

I originally used the RP-1 through a stone-age Selmer valve amp and cab. This worked fine until the amp died of old age, so I built myself a custom combo using a stereo slave amp (2x100w) and 2x12" speakers. When I hooked up a BBE sound processor I had a hell of a system. Sound quality was fine, except for the amount of noise produced by the analogue effects, making the noise gate an essential part of every patch. This was my only bugbear, as it limits the dynamic range of your guitar playing. It was a big improvement on my previous setup, which was a collection of various effects units.


Never a minutes trouble in over 200 gigs. We once had a power spike during a gig which reset the entire unit, but that was an external fault. One of the footswitch covers broke, but a piece of gaffer tape fixed the problem, and is still there 6 years later!

General Comments

I bought the RP-1 when I was playing in a rock/pop 'club' band, and wanted to have a variety of sounds to fill out a guitar,bass & drums line-up. It filled this requirement perfectly, and was a simple reliable tool.

Recently I joined a heavy rock band, where my role is to play blinding solo's and try to upstage the keyboard player. The RP1 no longer fits the bill, so I am looking to replace it. Although it has done a cracking job, I need something with a bit more finesse for solo playing.

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