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Sound Quality

i do love this pedal it does make some very space age sounds the efect is very great i only use it when im jamming alone i braught to band practice the other day and the reest of the band says it to whacked for our style i do have lots of fun with it but one thing i dont like it got a high noize ratio i use a boss noise gate it helps i also use a electro harminix silecer on it it works better at cuttin out the noise on this pedal than the boss cause thias is one noisy pedal i use it with a mesa boogie subway rocket i have used it with a solid state fender and it alsdo was noisy on that as well i seem to notice that when you keep the 3rd knob down it keeps the noise down as well i have used it with a boss metal zone it sound good wit distortion


i own over 50 dod pedals and so far the only one i had to have had fix is the digital delay these pedal are notoroius for thier batter covers gettin lost do started havein them contected to the pedal it self

General Comments

i love this pedal and clad i baught one when i did i just saw 2 of these go for 110 a piece on ebay the other day

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