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Sound Quality

i use it wit a vox and a tele the octave effect is just unreal its got distortion blended in and i just love it i cant think of any artist it can copy right now the only artist i would try would be 311 or incubus (i just got the gonkulator to copy glass) but the sound is just great octave distortion hard i use it alone i did use it wit an ibanez echomachine and it did work well wit it i dont know how usefull my review can be but i have to tell the world that thisa is probebly dod most obsure and most best pedal ever next to the gonkulator and corrosion and death metal


well mines been modified wit a new stomp switch cause thats the problem wit dod the footswitces are not the best for this i give it a 9 i would use backup without it

General Comments

i been playin for 20 yrs and would use this pedal to play harder stuff i am thinking about buying a bacup since these thing are gettin rare i cant compare it to nothin right now its in a class all it own i do like the modified switch it has it is going to help me create new and intresting new music

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