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Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

First, look at the name! DELTA BLUES, therefore FOR BLUES it sounds freakin awesome, also transisting into funky jazz blues jam stuff. (Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes, etc) I periodically visit my local guitar center and test various tube amps I desire and dream about. I WAS in love with the Vox AC30...until I played this. I would put my Fender with vintage americans and delta blues amp against any rig and guarantee I would win the tone battle. I have searched since I was 17 (7 years) too find my DUANE ALLMAN (guitar god) tone on the Filmore East album and yesterday while playing along with it, I HAVE FOUND IT!! I am addicted to this amp, the tone I can squeeze out of it will melt your SOUL> BTW still has all stock, can't wait to upgrade to some blue c's.


Have only had it a week, but Peavey is know for dependable amps.

General Comments

10, I give it a 10!!

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