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Sound Quality

There are a lot of differing opinions on what is supposed to sound like. Honestly. It takes after the Proco Rat. Distortion in the milder settings but once you start cranking the distortion it gets fuzzy (Grittier a bit than a rat). The only difference is the tone control which operates like a normal tone control. Not like the proco which acts as a high end filter. For the right music this pedal sounds good. If you are doing 70's rock like Floyd or 80's punk rock it will do good. It has a lot of feedback and hiss though. Keep in mind these DOD pedals during the 90's were directed to bedroom playing mostly. At low volumes this works great but way too much noise at higher volumes.


Not at all. I have the mid 90's version without the DOD on the plastic plate. The first thing that went wrong for me was the power jack lost it's nut and went into the pedal, which didn't matter too much as I only used it with batteries. The second thing that went wrong was the pedal stopped turning on and off. DOD pedals use a rubber button much like a button in your keyboard. Because I used it on stage and stuff I guess the button became damaged and wouldn't turn off properly. (I had to hit it about 30 times before it went off. Which is also problematic because DOD pedals always start active when you plug in). I ended up using a boss pedal later. Again if you are using it a bedroom and are TAPPING it on than it should last a while. But this is definitely NOT a STOMP box.

General Comments

If you want an average distortion box for playing at home, a cross between a Boss Ds-1 and a Proco Rat, This is a decent pedal. I pretty much will never buy a DOD pedal because of the way the pedal switch is made which is completely unreliable and I wouldn't replace it either. The only reason I still have it is because of it being the first pedal I ever owned. (Nostalgia is damning).


Honestly fork out the extra 20 bucks on a Boss Ds-1. They last forever and sound pretty decent. You can find em dirt cheap on craigslist.

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