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Sound Quality

What sound do you want? This guitar pretty much can cover it. Garage rock distortion, country twang, clean jazz. Pickup(s) selection offers great tonal options. I play it through a Marshall MG50, a Fender 62 Tremolux and have plugged it into various other amps. All good. I have changed pickups on other guitars I own but haven't seen the need on this guitar.


I have had this guitar almost one year. I play in with it and out with it. It has been totally reliable. Finish is as sweet as the day it arrived and electronics no problems. This is a gigging guitar but I always have a backup. I don't see any quality issues. All good.


General Comments

I have been playing now about four years. Played years ago before raising a family. I own and play a 70's Yamaha acoustic, Epiphone EA250(1970),Fender Strat(American),Fender Showmaster(Korean)and a hot-rodded Squire Showmaster(Chinese). This guitar gets attention wherever it goes. I Love it's sound, looks and feel. Yeah, I would relace it if it ever disappeared-but I keep it on a short leash.

Reviewer's Background

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