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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

This pedal isn't very noisey at all on My MG15, but on my Cube 30x it's a little noisey but not problematically so. The sound of this pedal can depend on the amp. I first heard it in the shop on a Marshall MG50 and it wasn't special to say the least. Then I heard it on a Fender Hotrod Deluxe. And it really sounded like the soundbites on their website. Possibly better. This box shines w/tubes. I used it first on a Marshall MG15, and I liked it as long as the gain wasn't up too far, or as long as the high eq. wasn't too high. And I found that it helps especially to cut down the mids on the amp. It gives a kind of chunky sound to the amp. For anybody reading this it's also better to play solos or power chords with these pedals, and not triads. Now I have a Roland cube 30x & it sounds a bit grainy with this amp but still not bad. It seems to have slightly cleaner harmonics w/ this amp. I need to experiment more. I also have a Digitech Hothead and that sounds pretty decent on the Roland at various settings. For tubes this thing deserves a 10, but for SSs an 8. so 9 I guess.


I'm assuming I'll not have any problems.

General Comments

I'm an old timer, I play vintage rock, and blues. I jammed a bit when I was younger, & recently started playing again. Along w/the stuff already mentioned, I also have a compressor, & my axe is a Gibson LP studio, the jewel in my crown. The only thing I hate about this pedal is its name. I love the way it sounds w/a Fender Hotrod Deluxe. I also like the separate low & high controls. I did extensive research on the net. I found this Harmony Central site very usefull. That's one of the reasons I'm writing this review. I listened to alot of soundbites, Marshall, Boss, etc. And I also checked this alongside various other pedals at the shop. Boss, Ibanez, other Digitechs etc. I just found this pedal with a good sound & a good price. I thought it sounded fairly close to the tubescreemer for less than half the price. If it were lost, I wouldn't buy this again as long as I use Cube 30x, but if I had a tube amp, I would. The cube just dosen't need overdrives or distortions. I would also like to put a plug in here for the Digitech Hothead. The ratings given by others IMO, are too low. I would give it similar ratings as the Bad Monkey. Both these pedals BTW are analog.

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