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Sound Quality

great sound for the slightly trebel and bassy tracks.i mostly play incubus and it sounds really good. unplugged it sounds beautifull but once you plug this baby in WOW....you wouldnt expect such a great sound for such a reasonably priced guitar.live performances it really shines...GREAT FOR THE PRICE AND CAN BEAT MOST AT THE NEXT CATEGORY TOO!!!!!


i bashed it a couple of times and it doesnt seem to have caused any damage.it seems that it will last with such a high quality feeling fret bored.i have on several occassions used it on a gig without a back up and she pulled through with no hiccups

General Comments

i have been learning for about 3 years and finally saved up enough to buy my own.great sound and config for price.i love the basy sound it has for such a thin guitar.i would hihgly recomend this as a first guiatr as it is reasonably priced and sounds amazing not to mention it has a good action that wont challeng a beginner too much

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