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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Normal output level, though pickups themselves don't produce any "output". [Tone] Totally balanced accross the entire frequency band. No annoying midrange peak to complain of, no shrill treble. No flatulent bass. Just perfect. [Sonic evaluation] G&L Legacy through a Peavey Classic 30, for comparison's sake. This is a highly underrated little amp. Spanky cleans and throaty overdrive. What more can a blues guy ask for? [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] These pickups are an incredible match for the blues and rock.


General Comments

[Comments] After trying many different brands such as Lindy Fralin, Custom wound DiMarzio's, SDs, etc..I have truly come to appreciate the tone of these little bastards. The Fralin Vintage Hots were anemic and sounded sickly. The Fralin Blues Specials were too full of character and color(one trick ponies). The DiMarzio's excelled in the overdrive department, but lacked so much detail. The SD's were harsh and trebley...and another thing:

Are you people getting sick of these "Boutique" manufacturers posting their own reviews here?

Honestly, these guys are incredible when they are clean and overdriven. After changing string guages from 9's to 10's, these pickups have made my jaw drop every time I play on this guitar. I have been searching for this tone for over 10 years and now I have it and I can quit obsessing over this damned minutia and get back to playing. I spent over $120 on (2)boutique single coils to replace the stock p'ups on this guitar and returned it to stock. Now I have a heap of worthless boutique trash piled atop of my bench and what a lesson I have learned...guys, use your heads(ears) and not your eyes when you make your next decision to replace stock parts. This database is a double-edged sword, indeed. Beware.



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