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Sound Quality

I keep my set-up simple. 80% of the time it's just Les Paul - tuner - Fulldrive - Deluxe Reverb. This is a fantastic sounding unit full of rich yummy overtones. I use the Comp-Cut mode 90% of the time. In that setting, the sound of the guitar really comes through. The other two settings kind of squash your signal (that's what compressors do-yuck!), but if that's what you want you want to do to your guitar, go right ahead! Actually those settings sound great for rock, that's just not my thing. Play soft and yer tone's clean, spank it and you get the drive. That's the way i set it, anyway, and it's perfect for that tube drive sound.


I've never had a problem with it after a hundred + gigs. I have had problems with other Fulltone pedal switches, where they stick and won't turn off. In a pinch, if it fails, I could make it through a gig clean. Kind of enjoy the challenge, and my Paul is hot enough to drive a super clean Fender with guitar volume at ten and with a hard attack, at least enough to put a little hair on it. I don't carry a back-up and I don't worry about it.


General Comments

I'm a blues player mostly. I've been playing over twenty years. I own a bunch of other pedals but seldom use them. If you want my two cents, I say work on your playing because most of your tone is in your hands. Don't worry about so many pedals. They're a big distraction for the most part. If it were stolen I'd try a Sparkle Drive (Voodoo Lab) instead or an Analogman King of Tone. I think the customer service issue is severe enough that I wouldn't spend anymore more dough with these cats and I couldn't really recommend their products. Serious points taken away for customer service!

Reviewer's Background

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