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Sound Quality

THis pedal has always been a component of my rig. Guitars are a Strat or Les Paul, both with Dimarzio Super distortion pickups in the lead and stock neck pickups. AMps have been - Peavy ROckmaster into fender power amp into 1X12; Marshall JCM 800 2203 into 4x12; and now - RAT R2DU-ROcktron Chameleon-BBE 462-Marshall 9000 Power amp 50wattsx2 into Marshall 2x12. THe classic tube has never been used for my main sound. I use it for boosting a moderatley driven sound into liquid sustain. Compared to a tubescreamer or superoverdrive, the sound is darker and rougher, yet still smooth. Pick attacks come through, feedback and overtones are abundant, sustain is at your discretion. By itself into a clean amp, it reminds me of LEd Zep I or II, or Cream. Think of a small nonmastervolume tube amp driven to the max. Adds some depth to an allready great amp sound, but I recommend it for single note riffs, leads, or power cords, otherwise it does mud up a bit. Overall, is it a be all, end all? No, but it is a sleeper and its cheap. I give it a 7. The fulldrives and z-vex's of the world would be 10's, but much more expensive.


My bottom plate broke off. The battery cover is long gone. THis has gigged at least 20-30 times. Nothing but duct tape sealing it up at this point. Still works perfectly, with not a single incidence of nonperformance. IT is almost 9 years old and still going strong. I must give it a 6 because it has always worked, but is slowly falling apart. I give everything a 5 as long as it performs, then 6-10 for quality of construction.

General Comments

I recommend it as a booster for leads of all types. It adds liquid quality to an already driven amp sound.

I dont really recommend it as your main sound, but it may serve your purpose.

Also, most cheap nonboutique OD/Dst pedals seem to boost the uppermidrange and create a piercing sound. This pedal seems more focused on the lower midrange. IF tubescreamers dont do it for you, check this pedal out. I know alot of DOD dst pedals have gotten trashd on this board, but this pedal is a sleeper. Open your mind and really listen to the sound. I give it a 7 overall based on sounds, application, and reliability.

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