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Sound Quality

The actual sound seems pretty good to me.  It's not really noisy, and you can adjust the depth of the wah effect pretty well.   I've tried to seperate the Sound Quality from the overall usability in the review. That being said, the pedal is almost unusable if you intend to turn it on and off during a song.   Left on, it's great, but it cuts the output volume by around 40% when it's on, so if you wanted to use it for solos or certain section of a song, forget it.


I haven't owned it that long, but it seems on par with all other DOD and Boss pedals... plenty tough.

General Comments

I'd like to like it better, but I just don't.   I wanted an auto-wah effect for bluesy solos, and I just can't use it because of the volume problem.  I still mess with it for fun, but It's not what I bought it for.

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