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Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Going for a grllrglllrgrrrroar death metal sound, this guitar does its job. It's nothing at all to cut through everyone else to play a lead. I'm playing through a 5150II and a Marshall 1960a, so the mixture is a quite fine one (albeit I'd rather have a triple recto). I like everything about this guitar's sound except the way the EMGs are a bit mid-range crunchy. Basically the sound that makes it great for lead is its flaw for the sound of rhythm.


As all Schecters, the strap buttons are ridiculously large, which is awesome. I never even got strap locks on it after MY PREVIOUS ONES WORE DOWN AND FELL OFF. *coughschallercough* Yeah, anyways, I'm scared to touch this guitar sometimes because it's so clean, but I depend on it like nobody's business. I think I might've broken a string on it once (due to me trying to bend way too far anyways), but that's it.

General Comments

I have another Schecter (PT Blackjack) and I absolutely love these guitars. I've had the PT for almost 3 years and there hasn't been a thing wrong. I've had this C7 for almost a year and I love it more and more all the time. If it was stolen (if I lost it I'd just off myself for being a moron) I would definitely buy another. I would say I'd get the new Jeff Loomis sig but it has a naughty floyd rose. For $577 (or the regular price of $699), this is an EFFING GREAT GUITAR

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