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Boss ME-6 Guitar Multi-Effects

Sound Quality

I use a Carvin "Holdsworth" model now but have used a Fender Tele +, an 86 Les paul Standard and a Gibson ES125. All of these sounded fine thru this box. Yes - the distortins are not the best but ive used this pedal for about 6 years now as my main distortions and have found 3 or 4 settings that make it sound great. I play thru an early 80's Mesa Boogie Mk2C so i assume a good amp will make the effects sound better. The delay and chorus are very usable but the reverb does have something to be desired. I found 1 usable setting (and that is my only reverb i use now).


Ive gigged with this in NY for 6 yrs now and the only problem has been blowing the power supply. A replacement is 30-50 dollars - a bit much but cheaper than a new multi-fx pedal.

General Comments

On a 1-10 scale - i give this pedal a 7 1/2. Its a good simple quality pedal that does not pretend to offer you the world then make lunch for you. It does what it does and does it fine with some tweaking.

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