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Sound Quality

Overall it is a very good tool for creative songwriting and just plain fun. But when you go to the studio or stage, the limitations and the "noisy/thin" distortion becomes evident at high volumes. Its distortions will not replace switching to the lead channel on a Marshall. However, the reverbs, delays, chorus and some of the more weird stuff are actually usefull and can enhance your signal even at the studio situation. Particularly the reverbs. You might have to play around with some of the EQ's to get a tight sound depending on your amp.


The screen panel on mine slides to the side.. maybe I stomped too hard in the middle of a show or something, but aside from that cosmetic issue (which is mostly annoying) it has never failed me. I also do not like the power cord connection as it seems can be easily damaged should a road hand step on it the wrong way, but that is not THAT big a deal.

General Comments

At the developement stage where I was when I bought it I would certainly do it again. I feel it is a great creative tool and home/entertainment unit. This unit has A LOT of stuff in it there is the value. All the different things that you can experiment with in one package. For professional/stage use I feel it has a limited range of things it can do VERY WELL. But for the most part, the delays, reverbs and choruses are very functional and get the job done. However, due to the difficulty in setting up patches and the fact that I personally do not like too many of it's distortions I find myself using it mostly for ambiance/room effects while leaving the heavy stuff to the Marshal head. I am now looking at more sophisticated units (BOSS GT-5, Roland GS) but will likely not find the same value for $$ that the RP-10 has.

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