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Sound Quality

Awesome! Compared it to some others and liked this one best. The low sound setting is not so useful, but settings 1 to 4 are a lot of fun! In the high settings there is a bit of white noise that gets worse with the boost activated, but that is to be expected.


Well, I had the classic Cry Baby for exactly 30 days until I returned it, since the pedal started scratching. I know this will happen eventually with any potty, but 30 days is a bit of a short life span.... I decided to upgrade then, hoping that maybe the 'flagship' has a better potty, I'll see. (also I had the money to do so now ;-) ) I'll test it extensively for the next 30 days, that's for sure! If it starts scratching again it will go back and I'll try the optical ones. Considering that there's electronicts for only a couple of bucks and a cast metal housing can't cost the world, I'd expect Dunlop to invest a bit more in a better potty, but maybe I just bought a lemon, we'll see. The settings button seems a bit flimsy, but the pedal itself seems extremely sturdy and the housing is bombproof. I'd give it a 10 was it not for the bad pedal experience with it's little brother

General Comments

It seems to be one of the most versatile Wahs around, I sure like the sound and the optional settings are an addtl bonus. Havent' yet found a use for the boost, as I play pretty loud all the time anyway, but I'm sure ther is some. A really nice unit, easy to use, and if the potty keeps up a bit longer this tim I'll be as happy as can be!

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