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Fender Blonde Blues Junior Guitar Amp

Sound Quality

Well heres where the debate about this amp begins. I waited a long time to write this review becuase this was a well thought out and much researched decision for me. When i heard the BJ in the store I knew it had new tubes in it and they'd probably smooth out and crunch alittle more in a short time. I have not heard a good rock sound outta this thing (by itself) and I 'm sure the tubes are burnt in now (I use it 10 to 15 hrs. a week). I almost always run fx's anyway becuase I play on old fenders anyway (pro reverb). Its not a big change in my program to switch from the BJ to the proR in the fx's chain. I can play a blues gig with it with no fx's no problem. but I did have high hopes for a little more in the crunch dept. As far as a light wieght amp "to-go" this is it. Its does sound kind trebely by itself but that can be eq'ed out. Probably compounded by the am dlx stat that I play (bright by nature). All in all its a great sounding amp for the money. It's the most popular amp in the world right now with "billions and billions served" that says something right there. IMHO you can't get a better sound outta an amp at this price. As much as the BJ lacks in crunch without a pedal It'll more than suprize ya with the fx's of your choice.


No problems yet. And I would be bias anyway, as I use fender exclusivly based on in part on there reliability

General Comments

Ive been playing guitar for over thirty years. Over all I am very pleased with my purchase. I can achieve a very blusey sound right outta the gate with the BJ (true to its name). I found many other colors of the guitar spectrum with a processer or pedals. I am considering buying another BJ and running my fx's processer in stereo (L&R). I wish it had another speaker output. Its certainly loud enough to play a good sized gig. What it lacks in onboard distortion it more than make up for in a warm tube platform for fx's. To be able to play a small to medium sized club for under $500 is a nice feature. You can't even buy a mesa for twice the price.

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