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Sound Quality

I was very surprised! Not the best sounding guitar, but the pickups don't squeal, which for the price is unheard of. The bridge pickup is a little weak, but this would be nit-picking and only a seasoned pro (like me) would notice this difference. (I'm use to a SD-SH1 or 59er) I bought this gutar to play a few songs with my band, tuned down to D. I used 10s and it sounded great! (Of course, nearly anything sounds great through my Randall RM 100) I never had a breakdown. Always stayed in tune fairly well.


I think this guitar is gig worthy, but the tuners are not top-notch. I'd probably change them, but otherwise, I'd gig with it. (Never without a backup) It seems durable and nothing extra or flashy to come loose or break off. No wammy bar, so it stays in tune fairly well.

General Comments

I give this a 8, but only because of the cost.

For the money, I'd say this is the best (or one of the best) guitars on the market...for the money.

$100 well spent.

I did have to buy a case for it....$79


Kinda feel stupid buying a $79 case for a $100 guitar...but...


Oh well....

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