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Blackheart BH5H Little Giant 5W 120V Tube Guitar Amp Head

Sound Quality

Very nice once I changed the 12ax7 for a 12au7 and the stock el84 for a general el84. Have many tubes to experiment with but these sound the best (for cleans) so far. Even threw in a output transformer which seemed to help another bit (musical power supplies ot8se?) in my quest...so, not even going up another $40 total and for a grand total of $220...it's now a champ-beater. I like cleans and had a vintage princeton and newer v18 112 crate heavily modded (very very nice once modded)...but overall I like the blackheart head for it's size and sound. Sold the others. Distortion is what I like (light) and excellent with my blues distortion pedal. ALmost was impossible to find that right mix of bass/treble/mids but you can find it and it's nice. Maybe could use a better range of bass control but...the cab you have does a lot for and to that! I am using it with a weber alnico speaker 12" (the cheapest one they sell?) and it is an amazingly sweet combination.


seems very well built...cant imagine anything going wrong unless the beer gets to the circuits...a real tank

General Comments

its my new amp! sold everything else. have owned over 17 amps from fender to YOU NAME IT....this really reminds me of the mesa .22 caliber though not quite as nice...would have gotten a vintage crate or peavey classic had the prices not been so high and am getting tired of FIXING OLD CRAP!!! This is what it is...an EXCELLENT new amp for tweaking or just replacing the tubes...you can replace the output transformer for 20-100 bucks but play with it for awhile first. I found the tubes (40-50% improvement)were the largest difference and the 12au7 will really bring out the smoothness, then go with the tranny for a 15-20% better sound. But all in all, as it is the price is still a good deal.

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