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Sound Quality

Compared to my Fender F65, it is flat and lacks both bottom and trebbles, but it sounds quite well for chords. You don't get a lot of finesse out of it, but then ... who delivers for that price? It is OK for fingerpicking, but doesn't really pronounce all the notes similar (did I get my point over?). If compared to a solid top instrument, it sounds like you have killed the bass and trebble, if played alone, the sound, especially on chords, ain't all that bad. I would rate her a lot above average, but then you have to see that there are some real classy instruments out there.


The fingerboard is bleaching out very fast, the tuners have let go a bit (some of them feel like you have to turn them for 60 degrees until they start winding the string) and the scratchplate fell off one day (I like the look better now!). But as said before, the body is well made, the paint / finish is OK and apart from the horrible setup, there is no real quality problem. The axe even stays in tune when transported. Nothing very good, but nothing serious to complain about.


General Comments

I am playing for 28 years now and I bought that guitar 6 years ago when I was on holiday, it was raining for half a week, I was sick of watching TV, wanted to play guitar and was on a pretty tight budget. I was looking for a cheap instrument that I would also keep when coming home. After playing a lot of trash in the music store, I finally found this one, which seemed to be a good compromise between quality and price (less than 140 USD!).


I don't play the Silver Cadet a lot recently, but whenever friends come by and we want to jam acoustic, the friends take it and so far nobody really complained. The sound is far from superb, but at least it plays without severe problems, doesn't buzz and has a pretty low action. A lot of bang for the buck, ain't it?

Reviewer's Background

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