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crate V Series V18-112 18W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Now it gets good...but a quiet good. I bought a lot of tubes on the bay to try on it and it took a good 9 to get her singin. Now she is sounding oh so close to my vint. princeton but at a much lower volume....WHICH I LOVE! Swapped the 84's for some old generals (vint. sovteks) and the 12ax7's for a mishmash of 54's and so forth...ay7's...basically cut my output to almost half BUT...this thing sounds so sweet now...it needed the right combination of tubes to get here which wasn't cheap ($120)...but if i bought the same ones now it's be much cheaper...gotta shop and swap to get the right sound...and for those wondering...YES..IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE...not even close to changing speaker (speaker is fine when broken in) or changing caps etc....dont so it...just get some nice old whatevers though i hear the jj's are ok...but really, i find the super old vintage tubes really contain the magic this amp needs. now.. clean=roland chorus "almost" rough r&b=vibroking but at very low levels...prob. close to 5 watts if comparing it to a pure tube amp...its about like a classic champ level without the distortion. Not super-keen on distorion (use a pedal and it will sing with it) so by itself, the gain is not gonna get any metallica for ya, but its a very nice "true" sounding amp that sounds great with my vint. tokai strat or yammie 2x bucker guitar. THe sound is there, you just gotta find it, and you will never get lush reverb, but if you only need a little dab, it sound perfect. rock=princeton


eh... i hate the pcb board crap but what you gonna do? spend $1000 for a used carr amp? well i would, but thats what my car cost so...no. its pretty sturdy, with PLAsTIC, not metal...corner bumpers...and the most important thing...a very nice handle that doesn't seem like it will rip off. I dont care for the size though...they use the same cab for 2x12 as this 1x12 which very much sucks but i will deal with the extra weight for now...will soon move it to a custom cab however.

General Comments

played so long i cant remember...35 years?

if stolen i would buy again or just buck-up and get a z-amp, carr mercury or tophat....all the piddlin crap in-between is hardly worth it...except maybe a peavey tweed.

its a great sound, once you find it...have to go through so many tubers to get there but it's worth it. too big for what it offers. as it is now its better than my past...electar, fender blues jr, vint. fender champ, peavey classic but not as good as my princeton, though like it better cause its quieter...though would not gig with it for low output.

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