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Sound Quality

Well heck, already tol'ya its the best. Really get strat to tele sounds (though much more stratty of course) and i think this is due to the pickup combinations you can dial in. Lets see, it has replaced all of these as my #1...fernandes revival, '67 tele standard, usa '98 strat and a tom anderson t type. I dont KNOW WHAT the others are talking about replacing the orig. pickups...they must not like regular strat sounding pickups...but i guess thats personal ....???? crazy mo-fos to me, i have used just about every well known fender style pickup known to man and these just blaze....sound like the robert cray orig. fender pickups crossed with the knopfler sound....very very very nice...just ducky in fact.


c'mon...its 30 years old and looks like new...i don't know what they made the frets out of but they seem to have held up better than anything i have ever used....titanium?

General Comments

I used to have another tokai a long time ago and really liked it...i think it was a goldie but oldie strat. This one is better, sounds better and plays better. i definitely think it is on par with american fenders as i have 2...but its all about what you think feels best. the neck on this baby is just the icing and will always be with me FOREVER....good luck finding one yourself but i hope (and you do too) you find one as you will also be amazed.

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