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Sound Quality

This is a midi controller, it outputs data and not audio.


I have used this in a few rehearsals and have no issues with it. It's rugged and I really like how the unit feels as a whole. It isn't top of the line 21st century but it gets the job done. And for a start-up musician it's more than adequate.

General Comments

I play jazz and some fusion. I want to get into the medeski, martin and wood stuff, organ based. Currently I have a dream set-up in mind for all the electronic keyboards I wish to play, and I can see a lot of them being controlled by this board. I'm looking into getting a second one for safety measures. It's always handy to have a second. Until I become fluent with my feet, it's a little difficult to use. I know it will make everything easier, I don't have to bend over my analog synth rack to change presets anymore.


Worth the money, I wish they had a newer version the size is perfect, nice and compact.

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