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Moment Point

Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Q- What setup (i.e. what guitars and amps) are you using this with? A- I love this pre-amp, sound quality is awesome, It is going through a Marshall 9100 power amp into two Carvin Vai/Legacy 4X12's. Main guitar is a Ibanez Jem, and a Pawar, A few strats. People complain about the clean channels. One of my strats has a David Gilmore EMG pickup assembly on it, the 1st tone knob on that set-up makes a smily face out of EQ curve, freaken sounds awesome, you can get those shimmering highs & fat bottom in the clean channel then. This set-up Jmp-1 into Marshall 9100 power amp into to Vai 4X12's in stereo is mind blowing, I control the whole set up with a berhinger MIDI floor board controller. OD1 is my favorite channel on this amp, People who are saying this pre-amp has no gain must have bad units or something because this thing screams OD2- I am not to hot on this channel, Not as transparent sounding as OD1 Clean2 is my favorite clean, This channel nails Hendrix clean tones, Play little wing on this channel with a strat in the neck pick up. I have owned many many Marshalls and known many guys who have had some killer vintage marshalls, this rig out shines them, I really think it is a must to match a JMP-1 up with a Marchall power amp, they just work together perfectly. There is no hiss. I did just order some JJ 12AX7's, I heard so many good things, I figured it is only $20 to replace both tubes. I will leave another review after the Tube swap Q-Is it noisy? On what settings? A- Not noisy in my RIG Q- Are the effects weak or do they always sound great? A- Care must be taken with effect levels, I have a Lexicon 550 in the effect loop, sounds amazing Q- What amp are you using it with? A- Marshall 9100 50X2 Q - Can you get the sound of your favorite artists? A- Old Van Halen to a Tee


N/A This knob allways jumping numbers is pissing me off By the way, wrap your guitar chord through a side rack handle before plugging into the input because if you step on your guitar cable plugged strait into the front and it pulls down hard enough, you can brake the plastic input jack very easily and it's sucks to repair, I found this out the hard way.

General Comments

Q - What style of music do you play?


I have two instrumental guitar CD's out, kinda in the style of Satch, or Vai, or think instrumantal VH. Check out full length mp3's at




A little back ground...


Guitarist Michael Lee Hill has been hopelessly addicted to the guitar. At a young age he discovered a natural talent for the instrument, easily learning songs by ear from the radio and quickly absorbing any learning material he could find. His appetite for making music increased in leaps and bounds when the guitar became a means to express complex ideas and emotions largely unaddressed in his normal life of school and growing up, etc. -- he was soon spending several hours each day and night concentrating on his craft, often forsaking his friends and social life so he could continue creating music and reaching new heights on the instrument. This would continue through his teens and twenties. Now at age 37, with more than 25 years of playing under his fingers, Michael Lee Hill emerges from obscurity in Ohio with the release of FROZEN THOUGHT, a 13-song concept album showcasing Michaels guitar mastery and exposing deep-running spiritual & metaphysical interests as well.


FROZEN THOUGHT was written, recorded and realized by Michael himself, who created his own indie label Moment Point Records to release the CD this year. Counting Edward Van Halen, The Police, Steve Vai, and Prince as his most significant musical influences, Michael Lee Hill draws from these and other sources of inspiration while never sacrificing one ounce of his own identity; tracks like Feeling September and The Lifting capture a tenderness and musical sensitivity that runs throughout most of Frozen Thought, while Testing 1,2,3 pulls out the stops and keeps punching. Michael also gets to salute his hero Jimi Hendrix in Jimis Communication, a recorded improvisation with a groove that feels five feet thick. In an age when too many guitar records sound like everybody elses, Frozen Thought is a refreshing and satisfying disc of mammoth proportions.


The disc also includes Jibboom, written by Grammy Award-winning guitar legend Steve Vai. In 2001, Tonos.com teamed with Vai and Ibanez Guitars for the TONOS GUITAR CHALLENGE, which was seeking the guitarist who could record the most creative and best re-interpretation of the famous Steve Vai track. Thousands of guitarists from around the globe entered, but Steve Vai personally selected Michael Lee Hills entry as the winner of the competition (Hill also received an Ibanez guitar designed by Steve). A mentoring session with Vai would follow, in Detroit at the G3 concert with Joe Satriani, John Petrucci and Billy Sheehan, and Vai granted permission to Michael to release Jibboom (Michaels version, featuring the original drum and bass tracks by Mike Mangini and Philip Bynoe) on Frozen Thought.


Is this a good match?

Oh Yes


How long have you been playing?

As long as I can remeber, 7 or 8 I guess, I am 37 now


What other gear do you own?

Two much crap to mention


If it were stolen or lost, would you buy it again or get something else?


Yes, I would get another




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