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Sound Quality

I like the grow and deeper of this bass... It¿¿s perfect for blues, rock and brasilian music. Whit the Bartolini MM and the EMG 18Volts, I improved the flexibility, and added many sounds. Now, beyond the MFD pickup I have the sound of both pickups and the sound of MM Bart alone. All of this with the passive circuit or the active EMG 18Volts with much headroom and low impedance! Although the MFD has a litlle bit more output volume than MM, when I put MFD in single coil, they have almost the same volume. The sound of MFD is rich, full and unique, like very old Fenders. The sound of both pickups together is perfect for Slap funk bass... Now I have lot of mids and highs. The sound of MM Bart alone I know very well. This is one of my favorites pickups I have had in other basses... no noises, plenty of mids, attack and grow...The sound of this G&L L1000 is amazing with combo of many brands: G&L, EMG and Batolini to make the sound of a classic bass. Generally I use this bass plug and play in a Galien 400 with a Hartke 4 x 10... great sounds like old Fenders and Music Man.


Construction (100%) - 25 years old. A tank... body mahogany. Finish Black painted, vintage. Strap buttons solid. For many years truss rod do not need to be adjusted. I have the best of two worlds: The passive G&L circuitry work independent of EMG BTC 18Volts. The best passive and very good active. With the flexibility it is perfect for my needs. I would use it on a gig without a backup...


General Comments

I've played bass since 1981, and have owned basses from Fender, Ken Smith, Rick, Yamaha, Ibanez, Music Man, and Brazilian luthiers. Although this is THE BEST PASSIVE BASS I HAVE EVER PLAYED, the Pickups MFD G&L and MM Bartolini together with the use of G&L passive electronics and EMG BTC active 18Volts give me much more flexibility.

I have compared it to some old Fenders and Music Man Sting Rays. Anybody around the world have another bass like this???

Reviewer's Background

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