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Sound Quality

I used it in my studio and found it to be a very quiet and nice sounding EQ. If I have an immediate complaint about the unit is that it lacks sufficient head room for transient rich material. However, this has turned into my favorite electric guitar eq. It is not a transparent processor, I have in my rack a Manley Massive Passive and two SPL QURE parametric EQs and this is the one I keep coming back to when dealing whith a bitchy electric guitar track because it has a very specific character! Another thing I liked is that the top and bottom bands have the ability to become shelving EQs and that the "Q" contol changes the curve of the shelf. An example of this is that if you set the "Q" for a very steep shelf and boost a given frequency the unit whil make a small cut right before the chosen frequency and will therefore act almost like two bands of EQ, very nice! The only other EQ I know of that does this trick is the $4,500 Massive Passive and this versatiliy is very welcome in a budget processor!


So far so good. I really whould miss it if only for how nice it works on electric guitars

General Comments

My studio caters mostly to Rock, POP, and some JAZZ and I have been a musician for over 15 years. I have some really nice stuff in my studio and I think that the unit is a worthwile addition to my working style. I would replace it if lost or stolen.

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