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Sound Quality

let me prefeace this with this statement. i F*ing HATE dod. i used the word HATE and preceded it with F*ing. then i pick this up at pawn shop for $20 because i felt kinds sorry for the old fella behind the counter. i took it home with plans to list it on the ebeast as soon as possible to (hopefully) get my money back. just for kicks, i plugged it in first to make sure it worked. i was using a fender katana, modified with obl (bill lawrence) pickups, through an all tube red knobbed fender dual showman. KRUSH! where did this come from? it sounds great. i swear it. now, it will not due if you are pretending to be eric clapton (you know who you are). but i have to say that i dialed in the most monstrous actual rectifier type blast ever. i am talking explosive bar chords and searing single notes. this is the sh*t that killed elvis. not your smooth overdrive or your easily marketed blink 198,789 (or whatever they are on now), but ball squeezing screaming tones that are almost out of control. keep in mind that this is from a guy who has been playing for almost 20 years, professionally for 10 or so. i am not easily impressed. but this thing was designed to turn your fender into a giant stack of dual rectifier mease goodness, and i have to say that it does.


now, it is a dod. their switches are shite. open the box and you will no doubt find mickey mouse ears in there somewhere. so far i have only used this pedal at home, but i will be using it on stage at the voodoo music festival in new orleans in october (voodoomusicfest.com). no, i will not tell you what band i am in, but i will say that i am playing on the first day. i will have several backups, as i would never trust dod. but since this one has not yet done anything weird, i am not going to judge it by past experience. therefore, i am leaving this blank.

General Comments

we play music with as many elements of traditional middle eastern music as elements of sonic (;) destruction. clean angelic refrains to music that makes your dog hide under the bed. this really helps for the latter. i can pretty much use whatever gear i want, and i am currently choosing this for my ear smashing tones. like i said, it doesn't do the barely broken up brown overdrive thing. but that is not what it is for now, is it?

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