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Luc The Tinkerer

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

It's an overdrive and it does its job very well.  Some may argue it colors the sound and isn't "transparent"...but that's the way I like it: it adds a nice, warm envelope (for lack of a better term) to the sound, be it humbuckers or single coils.  It gives the sound body and thickness.  My "sweet spot setting" has bass and treble at 1 o'clock, level at 2 o'clock and gain around 8 o'clock.

It warms up the cleans with a light touch and overdrives nicely when I increase my picking attack.  To my ears, very nice, and so inexpensive!


It's metal and feels very durable.

General Comments

Awesome bang for the buck factor.  It smooths out a harsh, "ice-pick" sound quite nicely and simulates that "clean but on the verge of breakup" sound quite nicely.  I own three overdrive pedals, Boss Turbo Overdrive, Danelectro Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive and the Bad Monkey.


I like them all, but the Bad Monkey is my pet favorite, no pun intended!

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