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Sound Quality

I play a American Series Strat through a Traynor YCV20 15W tube amp. I have owned this pedal for about a year. The first 3 months I had it in various areas of my pedal chain, going into the amp input. I experimented to find that it sounded better before my OD pedal. I played this way for a while and my ears became sensitive to my new shaped sound. I played with the GE-7 in this position for some time. For some reason I then decided to insert it in my amps FX Loop. Wayyy better sounding now. I left it there for a while and again got used to the sounds I was creating. My pedal collection began to grow and one day I just went F-it an removed all my pedals from my signal and began with the basics. A Boss SD-1 into the front of the amp, a EH SMM/W Hazarai delay and a modded Boss CE-3 in the FX loop. I liked this set up. I played this set up for the past several months with out the GE-7 being used at all. Recently I plugged in the GE-7 to try it out again. In the FX loop. I tried to adjust it to discover different sounds. I found myself screwing with everything. My OD pedal, my delay, my compression pedal, and the amp's Bass Mid and Treble settings. I screwed around for about an hour trying to get that sweet sound I found before I introduced the GE-7. Finally I stopped and went...Keep this simple ...What have I changed here? I removed the GE-7 and dialed in the sound I was trying to find again. I thought? Huh? Weird. I repeated the test a few times, GE-7 in the loop, GE-7 removed and put away completely. I even re-introduced the GE-7 and left it off. It robbed my tone when it was off even. This pedal is not true by-pass. In my experience it does rob tone. It is my opinion that this pedal is a finicky pedal. It works well for some, and not for others. It will sound better in different positions in your FX chain. It would appear that the one constant thing here is it works best in the FX loop. If you really, really are "into your sound" and find yourself buying and selling pedals in your search for the perfect tone, you will not be satisfied with this GE-7 EQ. For me, it is back in the box and not being used. I may find a MXR 10 band and give it a try. It is true by-pass.


Rock solid reliability.

General Comments

I have been playing now for about 25 or so years. I have 2 tube amps, 2 Fender guitars and several pedals. I would not replace this GE-7 if it were stolen or lost. I like the simplicity and durability of this pedal. It works like it should but it does rob your tone in my experience.

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